2006 new and old warriors
The Milgis Trust is whole heartedly a community grassroots organisation with gentle and respectful conservation at the core of its philosophy.

The Trust believes conservation begins at the heart and any real solution has to begin with a change in attitude; a fundamentally different view of our status in the world not as a dominant consumer, but an interdependent partner with all aspects of the ecosystem; and the Milgis ecosystem is a truly exciting part of the world in every aspect and we have an opportunity to help conserve it.


As the power is in the people of this land the Trust is working tirelessly to support and guide them in their endeavors to protect and preserve this ecosystem for not only the future of their wildlife but for thier future generations and all life to follow.


Historically the Samburu and the Rendille people are natural conservationists and have lived in harmony with nature for many hundreds of years, but the rapid increase in their population and subsequently in the numbers of livestock has meant an inevitable surge in demand for natural resources. But by working closely with the local Chiefs and Elders as well as the women of the communities, the Milgis Trust’s primary objective is to address these issues, and find solutions before it is too late.


Conservation Awareness

As a community team the Milgis Trust is in continuous contact with the tribes of the area and has formed several conservation committees with the eager participation of the Elders and Chiefs from the surrounding areas.


In all the projects that we commence our conservation message is strong and clear. To accomplish this creatively the Milgis Trust employs a wonderful Eco-artist, Nderit-2, as he is known. He is a local Samburu, who travels around the Trust's conservation area adorning schools, buildings, water tanks and kiosks with painted murals depicting many scenes of the environment, wildlife and their relationship with the people of the land.


The Trust has also been able to commence it's first Eco-Screen project; showing conservation films and organising community events in this remote region.


All projects initiated through the Trust will help to improve livelihoods and at the same time preserve cherished traditions, a rich culture and an outstanding environment.