Milgis Trust head scout talking about conservationElephant

There is definitely an immense reduction in fires within the forests...


During the course of 2007, we have done numerous walking safaris throughout the Milgis Trust area. We are delighted to be able to report that there is definitely an immense reduction in fires within the forests, mountains and along the luggas which, resultantly, has promoted a healthy increase in the wildlife.


There is a great deal more lion tracks in the area and last month, we watched a trusting lioness for an hour from the little hill at Leamu. There are now ten Giraffe east of Ngurnit; we are not sure exactly as to where they are coming from but all we know is that we started with two and are slowly growing. We have also experienced several sightings of hunting dogs throughout the area. Both greater and lesser kudus are producing young and, best of all, the Elephants in the area are much more relaxed and are also producing plenty of young.


The Samburu people seem to be far more accepting of the Elephants, which obviously is a vital constituent of conservation, and we are more frequently seeing them together; undisturbed in close proximity. Since October 2006, there has been plenty of rain, which is fantastic news for all concerned.