The Milgis Trust needs your support to sustain its success in this fragile ecosystem...

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With the Milgis Trust’s gentle support the ecosystem is now regaining its balance.  Already elephants are responding to the security presence provided by our scouts, which is exhibited by their increasingly relaxed behavior and their expansion into parts of their former range. 


On top of this the Trust has made incredible steps in curbing the burning of the forests, which is vital to the survival of both people and wildlife.


Recognising that in order to conserve the wildlife over the long-term, the communities also need real economic benefits. Over the last ten years the Trust has successfully implemented and is maintaining 11 water projects delivering clean water to communities throughout. We have built and are supporting 3 nursery schools, and 1 primary school. We have sent over 30 worthy children from poor families to secondary schools, and helped many with university fees. Our tractor unit has dug or desilted over 30 pan dams for harvesting flood waters. Many people have found medical help after walking many miles, with our nurse in Latakwen, and she has taken the ones she can't help to hospitals throughout Kenya helping over 25 people with serious health problems. Over 600 cataract and TPR operations have been done, to restore sight. With our Vet programme we have injected over 500 dogs, and issued certificates, with anti-rabies and DE wormers, helping the owners have healthy dogs and therefore able to alert them of predators. All these people that benefit from the Trust are now ambassadors for our work!!


None of this would have been possible without the stable structure of the Milgis Trust Headquarters and the local Samburu team that keep it running. Without our scouts and radio operators we would not be able to support the unforeseen situations that regularly arise in this remote and tough land.


For the Trust to sustain it's success we need your support and if you would like to share our vision please contact:


Milgis Trust, Box 93, Naro Moru 10105, Kenya.

Helen Douglas-Dufresne,

Satelite tel: +8821643334103


Milgis Trust Manager, Moses Lesoloyia
Satelite tel: +8821643333825


Please note that by experiencing a camel safari with Wild Frontiers you are simultaneously supporting the Milgis Trust.