With ‘considerate’ tourism, the environment can be kept pristine, tourists can feel safe, and the Samburu
can feel happy to see guests appreciating the benefits that conserving this precious environment brings...

By identifying other ways of generating revenue, for example through walking safaris www.wildfrontierskenya.com, or selling traditional artisan work, the Trust hopes to promote alternative streams of income.


An Adventure Itinerary; Walking Camel Safari, Northern Kenya
Not all charitable adventures have to be without their creature comforts and for this reason the Milgis Trust in partnership with Wild Frontiers Kenya is offering a truly unique and luxurious philanthropic discovery in the ancient and wild land of Africa’s last few nomadic tribes. We invite you to support the Milgis Trust on this expedition of a lifetime and bring hope to the beautiful people and wildlife that live in this remote and remarkable region.


Wild Frontiers has been guiding luxury walking camel safaris around the Matthews and Ndoto mountains for more than 20 years; in that time, it has earned a reputation as one of the most exciting and challenging adventures in Africa. These tailor-made expeditions are run by renowned Kenyan conservationist Helen Douglas-Dufresne and her experienced Samburu crew, who are as versed in the ‘creature comforts’ of modern camping as they are in ancient tribal lore.


Born from years of experience, these camps are little oases in themselves, with comfortable netted beds, hot showers, and delicious candlelit dinners; there is nothing quite like falling asleep beneath the Milky Way, as the dying light paints the surrounding hills a hundred different hues and the distant roar of a lion proclaims his reign over the land.


This approach is of enormous benefit to the delicate ecosystem of the Milgis area and to the sustainability for all those living in the region. With ‘considerate’ tourism, the environment can be kept pristine, the tourists can feel safe, and the Samburu can feel happy to see guests, knowing and appreciating the benefits that conserving their precious environment can bring.


In a perfect world it would be great if the visitors that came to this beautiful land could sustain the Milgis Trust, whilst proceeds from philanthropic safaris and selling traditional handicrafts could go to saving the environment.