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One of the Milgis Trust's core objectives is to promote Livestock Quality over Quantity and to reduce the drastic increase in livestock numbers and therefore prevent the continued degradation of the land...

In northern Kenya, every time there is a drought there are thousands of domestic animals that end up in the same way as this unfortunate cow above.


In order to address this situation, the Trust is encouraging the development of alternative revenue streams, building capacity for improved natural resource management, and diversifying livestock types such as the keeping of camels, which are browsers with low impact on the environment, and can go many days without water.




But most importantly the Milgis Trust is supporting and sustaining a local Veterinary Unit for the area. Not only does this benefit the environment and the wildlife, but it will ease the struggle of the people to sustain their livelihood through breeding healthy quality stock.


This long-term veterinary program is now under way, which includes a mobile camel clinic and a stationary livestock medicine supply shop which is working to address the complicated livestock issues in this remote area.