20yr old girl born blind

The nomadic tribes of the Milgis Ecosystem are in desperate need of better health facilities, and of special concern to the rapid growth of population, advice and support in family planning...



The Milgis Trust in conjunction with MEAK [Medical and Educational Aid to Kenya www.meak.org] have refurbished the Latakwen Dispensary, and are employing a full-time nurse and clinic cleaner ensuring sustainability. We now also have a vehicle for the trust!! THANKS to MEAK and partners, and others and now are able to offer emergency service and treatment for the people in this remote area who otherwise have no access to transport when medical situations arise.


MEAK was founded by a dynamic British couple, Mike and Dee Belliere, after they fell in love with Kenya and its people. Their mission and passion is to establish and execute medical and educational based programs across Kenya. They are a very hands on non profit, whose focus and passion continue to push boundaries and achieve great things and are a 'blessing' to the Milgis Trust and the nomadic communities.


'Eye' for conservation projects

With MEAKS support the Trust has helped to restore the sight to hundreds of people in the area by carrying out catarract operations and eye lid surgery. To date we have done 4 eye missions together, and now we have a permenant 'eye' scout who travels far and wide with a eradicate Trachoma message!

Samburu Girl (top right )...Lenkupai from Ngilati was born blind. For the first time in her life she can see and enjoy the delight of seeing her family and her surroundings. Basic eye surgery through the MEAK/ Milgis Trust partnership has changed her life. She no longer needs to be led but has the ability to lead others. What greater gift could there be. Her Mother and, brother and sister were also blind, and we were able to operate and restore sight to all of them in May 2011.


Milgis would like to thank Wanaduma, for all the assistance they give to people with serious health problems with nowhere to turn for help. These people are extremely grateful. The most prolific, and worst problem being Madura, which is a very unfortunate disease, and if untreated you have to amputate, With Wana duma's to date (Nov 14) help we have managed to put at least 25 people back on their feet, and at least they can have a life again.


Finally the all-important family planning!!! At last with the help of Haller Foundation we have a beautifully simple and effective programme!! The Milgis Trust believes there is no point in trying to 'do' conservation without family planning, so we are delighted to be working with two extremely simple systems, a bracelet, and a ruler with the clear facts, to help the people to plan their families, and control the situation.