Cycad plant

Without the continued funding from all our donors and sponsors the Milgis Trust could not continue with the success it is experiencing...from both the Trust and the ecosystem it supports, we thank you all...

So we thank the following…


VOSS Foundation Voss Foundation


Shikar Safari Club International Foundation


National Wildlife Humane Society -


U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service


Wanaduma -


I E F - International Elephant Foundation


Chicago Zoological Society - CBOT Endangered Species Fund


MEAK - Medical & Educational Aid to Kenya

Toto Trust -


DSWT - David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust


NRT - Northern Rangelands Trust


N.E.W Zoo


Wildlife Direct


James & Penny Symington


Val & Leslie Brock, Doug & Sarah Connon, Isabel Wilcox


Nick & Jane Prentice, Rupert Watson & Mary Binx, Grete Davey


Christian Lambretchs


Beverly Orthwein, Chuck Lathrop and Jon Mellen...


Halvor Astrup, Morten Werring, Bruce Schnitzer...


Franzi Krummel, Frazer Douglas...


Rich Clise & Suzanne Garrison...


Maryjka Beckman...


Stella Deane... for hundreds of hours of devoted work for the Trust..


Tony Armstrong...a brave and energetic volunteer with the Milgis School in 2011


Private Journeys


The Little Troll Foundation.


Jeremy Block, and Caroline Fox


Fuzz Dyer and The Safari and Conservation Company


Sir David and Lady Newbigging


Bruce Corrie


Arnulf and Tove Bergum in Memory of Lena Maria


Pirjo from Finland


Sarah Bourghardt - from Sweden who raced in the hardest ski race for the Milgis


The Haller foundation - www.


Nick Tims - who swam the English channel for the Milgis


Kijani Kenya Trust - and Lis Woods


Serlan foundation


Carolyn Roumeguere, for making us her charity of choice


Diana Roberts, for all the help she gives us with grant applications!


TUSK Trust -


Anette Krosby and Cecilie Malm Brundtland, STARS of the Milgis!!!


Marwell wildlife -

...and not forgetting all the donations from all our ‘Wild Frontiers’ adventurers!!

THANK YOU all very much, and you can be proud of our work!!!