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Milgis Trust aims to involve all the schools in a genuine focus to ‘save their environment and the wildlife’...

‘Education…is the route to understanding’. With the support and understanding of the leaders, teachers and local tribesmen the Trust aims to encourage the communities to protect and conserve their environment, the valuable wildlife, and to cherish their own traditions. However, with the increase in human population, some of the old traditions of keeping huge herds of cattle, goats and sheep, now need to be addressed. The Milgis Trust feels that the way forward is through the children living in the Milgis ecosystem.


First, there is a shortage of schools in the area and some of the schools are inadequately furnished, which needs to be addressed. Second, the Milgis Trust aims to involve all the schools in a genuine focus to ‘save the environment and the wildlife’ with the production of educational materials that highlight and promote the benefits of conservation. By securing support through the schools, the children can become “ambassadors” for conservation within their community.


The Milgis School started under a tree in 2006, with the children learning the alphabet and numbers with white stones in the sand; it was extraordinarily effective! But times move on, and finally after 8 years of hard work we have completed the school. We thank all those helped us build this beautiful Eco-friendly school, with the major funders being Toto Trust who continue to support the teachers, Wanaduma, and lene Maria/VOSS foundation. The Milgis scouts visit regularly to discuss their job and the importance of looking after the flora and Fauna, and their tribal traditions, and talk about issues concerning the area, the children in turn take this info back to their families


Toto Trust also funded the building, and continues to support the teachers of the colourful Nursary school in Latakwen, now with at least 70 children attending, and the extra Eco-friendly nursery school, on the inaccessible slopes of Suruan in the Ndoto mountains, with over 80 children attending. Both have 2 classrooms each.




New to 2011 is the Trust's secondary school sponsorship program. This initiative was started by Voss Foundation's Women-Helping-Women campaign in 2010 and has slowly built it's sponsor-base to be able to educate over 30 children (50% girls and 50% boys) through secondary education.


Children are wonderful catalysts for change and as the next generation they have the challenge and responsibility of continuing to maintain a sustainable ecosystem for their futures and that of their families.

It is therefore vital that the Milgis Trust not only supports education but also teaches the children how and why they must protect their environment and stay loyal to their culture and heritage as a part of the unique Samburu tribe. 

For this reason the Milgis Trust has created a sponsorship package which goes beyond just government education.  Every child sponsored will be enrolled in the Milgis’s Young Conservationist’s Club and at the end of each school term the children will be called upon to take up their role as a Young Conservationist.