Latakwen Water

The Voss Foundation is a 'water angel' for the communities in the Milgis Trusts operating areas, bringing safe, clean and desperatly needed drinking water to these Pastoral peoples of Northern Kenya

The Milgis Trust has been incredibly lucky to have the support of the VOSS foundation for 9 wonderful projects (NOV 2014) in remote centers throughout the Ol Doinyo Lenkiyou/Ndoto area.


These water projects improve health, hygiene and living standards for all the communtiy especially the women and their families.  With such support the Milgis Trust can install access to clean water at schools, medical clinics, and water kiosks within the communities.

Our ground teams work with the local communities, in either digging deep kisimas (hand dug water wells) on the banks of seasonal rivers, or in areas where the water table is very deep, we work with the Northern water board where they put boreholes. Then solar pumps installed and piping, to take the water to kiosks in the centers, and also to the dispensaries and schools. To implement the project and oversee its success, the Trust in partnership with the community elects an elder and maintenance committee to oversee the well, pump, and pipeline to ensure ongoing sustainability.


The Voss Foundation is dedicated to providing access to pure, clean drinking water to Sub-Saharan African communities. They help meet these needs through a unique approach, which ensures local ownership and long-term sustainability. Voss foundation is planning the next JUST AROUND THE 'NEXT' CORNER' art action in Norway, to fund further water projects in conjunction with the Milgis Trust. This is the art world's contribution to fighting the water challenge in Kenya.


With the extremely generous support of our friends in Portugal, who wanted to give back to the Samburu people 'a little' having worked with them in the 50s.. They fully support the Milgis Dam unit. They donated a Volvo Back hoe and support the 4 man unit, who dig small catchment dams, (pan dams) to harvest the flood water. These catchments are a 'god send' to the wildlife and people who usually would have to walk miles and miles to get to water for their animals. We have up to date (Nov 14) dug and desilted over 30 pan dams, all though out the driers areas around the Ndotos, and Nairimirimo. We have chosen carefully where we put them making sure they are on the old Elephant routes so that they will benefit, when probing to return to their old haunts. The Elephants will also keep these pans going as they will bath and roll in them and keep them 'alive'.